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DWIWhen people hear Driving While Intoxicated, the first thought is drinking alcohol while driving a vehicle, In fact, any substance that impairs judgement including prescribed prescription drugs while driving is considered DWI.

If your driving appears reckless to a police officer, he may pull you over and request a field sobriety test. In the event that you fail the test, the officer may search your car for illegal drugs or alcohol before an arrest is made.

A DWI conviction in Texas can negatively affect all aspects of your life in the event that your case is not handled properly. For this reason, it is imperative to contact DWI attorney San Antonio immediately to review all the details of your case and develop a plan of action. Any inconsistency in how your case was handled is important to your defense.

During the first meeting with this attorney, he will explain the seriousness of the charges and what may occur. Jail time, large fines, and driver’s license suspension are just a few of issues if convicted. Because this experienced attorney has successfully defended many individuals, it is important to contact him as soon as possible because it can make the difference in the outcome of your case and seriously affect your future well-being. Visit to set up an appointment.

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