DWI Attorney New Orleans Aggressively Defends Clients

dwiMany people do not realize that a charge of driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense and if convicted, there is the possibility of up to six months imprisonment or a fine of $300 to $1,000 not to mention that you will have this charge on your record for the rest of your life and up to two years probation. Thirty-two hours of community service is required by the court; half of which must be garbage pickup on the street. Thirty hours of mandatory courses in substance abuse are required in addition to community service.

Having a drink socially is a very accepted activity in our culture, but if you have to drive a vehicle, it is not worth it. Considering attorney fees, high fines, loss of driving privileges, not to mention a possible job loss if driving is required, the best possible option to minimize the damage is to hire a criminal justice attorney to represent you.

Because the punishments for a DWI conviction in Louisiana can be harsh, this New Orleans criminal justice attorney will stand by your side to successfully defend the charge to get a not guilty verdict if possible. He will furthermore attempt to get the record of your DWI charge removed from the public records so that your employer and insurance company will not see it on your background check. Click here to visit his website.

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